Back In The Habit {Writing My Own Liturgy}

So while I was on sabbatical I spent a lot of time reading and writing.  In doing this I came to the realization that, with the exception of my weekly newsletter article and sermon, I really do not write as much as I used to.  I don’t know if it was nostalgia or Hamilton inspiration, but I really came back to work with a desire and passion to spend more time with a pen in my hand or at keyboard at my fingertips and condition those writing muscles again.

I have started with something super accessible to me – weekly worship liturgy.  I used to write a lot of my own liturgy (in fact, one of my most often commented on post is my Prayer Shawl Blessing Liturgy).  One of the biggest reasons that I fell out of this habit is because I discovered Feasting on the Word Worship Companion and Abingdon Worship Annual a few year ago (both AWESOME resources, which is why I have not really felt the need to write anything of my own!).  This summer, however, we are off lectionary and on our Why I Come To Church sermon series – which means I’ve had to do a bit more searching to find liturgy that I like.  I have been writing my own Prayers of Confession since I got back and this week actually tried my hand at a Call to Worship.

Here are the Prayers of Confession from Community and Accountability.  We didn’t do community confession for our Music week because it was Beatles Sunday.

Please feel free to adapt and use in your own worship setting!


Prayer of Confession | Community
Sarah E. Weaver (c) 2016

Uniting God,
You call us to be one: One Body. One Church. For thousands of years, generations of people have bore witness to the truth that your work and ministry is done best in community: Community grounded in love, kindness, acceptance, humility, service, learning and grace. And now it is our turn. Yet we confess, O God, that sometimes being in community is hard. We are not always patient with one another. We are not always willing to compromise. Sometimes we try to promote our own agenda rather than proclaim the Gospel. Bring us back together, O God. Unite us with your Spirit and in your love so that, as a community of faith, we can boldly share your hope with the world. Amen.


Prayer of Confession | Healing
Sarah E. Weaver (c) 2016

O God, we are taught as children in Church School that you are the ultimate healer. We are encouraged to believe in your power. We are reminded to hold onto the hope that you give to us.
Yet we confess that we have moments of doubt; moments where our earthly struggles distract us from your divine peace and where the mystery of your healing is simply too enormous for us to comprehend. Sometimes our loss is too great, our pain is too severe and our fear is too overwhelming.
And yet we so desperately want to believe, to have hope, to be healed.
So help us, O God. Take us back to a state of youthful understanding and expectation. Release the grip that we have on the things we cannot control so we can fully embrace the miraculous grace of your presence. Amen.

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