I love that line from Hamilton, “Why do you write like you’re running out of time?” because there are moments during the week when I feel like that’s me.  Trying to brainstorm, outline, write and re-write.  I love writing my own liturgy because I feel like I can weave a service together better than way.  I do not get a chance to write as much liturgy as I would like, but take a look at what I have written and see if you can use it in your church communities!


Call To Worship
Reformation Sunday
Families (celebrating/supporting families in the church)
Traditions, 2 Thessalonians 2:13-17
Extravagant Welcome, Church Community, can use with hymn This Is My Father’s World
Beginning of the Summer
Jesus’ Death • Good Friday
Jesus’ Burial • Good Friday • Holy Saturday
Resurrection • Mark (shorter ending)
Resurrection • Mark (longer ending)
Rally Day • The Beatitudes

Call To Worship – For Funerals or Memorial Services
bearing witness to the resurrection
adapted from John 14

Prayer of Confession
Grace, Humility, Letting Go, Community
Reformation Sunday, Unity, Covenant, Love
Families (celebrating/supporting families in the church)
Rally Day, Parable of the Lost Sheep, New School Year
Jesus’ Death • Good Friday
Jesus’ Burial • Good Friday • Holy Saturday
Resurrection • Mark (shorter ending)
Resurrection • Mark (longer ending)
Rally Day • The Beatitudes

Pastoral Prayers
Children’s Day Prayer
Children’s Day Prayer 2014

Advent / Hanging of the Greens | Call to Worship
Advent / Hanging of the Greens | Prayer of Confession
Advent Prayer of Consecration
Hanging of the Greens | Prayer of Dedication
Hanging of the Greens | Prayer of Thanksgiving & Dedication
Advent Invitation to Offering
Advent Offering Prayer of Dedication

Ash Wednesday Community Prayer
Maundy Thursday Prayer of Consecration

Easter Sunrise Benediction

World Communion Sunday
World Communion Sunday Communion Prayer of Consecration

Prayer Shawl Blessing

Remembering Our Baptism | Prayer

Stewardship Call to Worship | Visions
Stewardship Call to Worship | Delight In Giving
Stewardship Call to Worship | Surprising Gifts
Stewardship Prayer of Dedication
Stewardship Prayer of Dedication | Surprising Gifts
Stewardship Call to Worship | Blessed to be a Blessing
Stewardship Prayer of Confession | Blessed to be a Blessing

Prayers for Special Occasions
Pearl Harbor Day Prayer
Habitat for Humanity | New House Prayer of Dedication

One thought on “Liturgy

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I’m one of the tall, middle aged (well maybe a little past that) white guys you referenced in talking about why you preach in heels. I’m an Episcopal priest serving a small rural parish in the heart of Texas. I have a sweet septuagenarian woman in my parish who has been knitting shawls since before Moses had facial hair. Periodically she’ll bring some to worship, to be blessed. Since I’m new to this parish, and have no idea how the previous priest did the blessing, I’m looking for a liturgy for blessing prayer shawls. You’d think Episcopalians, (you know the ones with liturgies and blessings for just about everything), would have a liturgy and prayer of blessing for this. If we do, I’m not aware of it. Ergo, I humbly ask your permission to use the liturgy you wrote for this purpose. I noticed it’s copyrighted.
    I don’t blog, but if you want a good laugh (or cry) check out our attempt at embracing the 21st century in the midst of a pandemic. YouTube — Trinity Episcopal Church – Junction, Texas.
    Pax Christi, Y’all!


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