Come To My Garden

Welcome to our 2014 garden!


Gardening wasn’t something that I expected to love.  It is something that Bruce grew up doing, so he was the one who asked the Trustees if we could plant a garden at the parsonage and also the one who did a majority of the work when we first moved to Rehoboth and got started.

Somewhere over the past four gardening seasons, I fell in love! I love working in the garden, completely losing myself in what needs to be done and seeing tangible progress along the way.  I feel like I learn so many lessons about life as I tend to the garden – as I nurture growth, make mistakes, learn lessons and sometimes do everything right and still see disappointing results.  Not surprisingly, so many sermon illustrations have come out of the garden. 🙂

Because of my surgery, I won’t be doing much gardening for a few weeks.  I tried to help as much as I could beforehand – now Bruce is doing most of the work while I watch and anxiously wait to start picking!

IMG_8499 IMG_8511

Here is something that we’ve already started eating!  The greens are doing really well.  We planted a couple of plants a few weeks after the first batch to hopefully get a second crop.  They haven’t really taken off yet, but it’s still early, so I’m crossing my fingers that we will be able to harvest a good second crop!  It’s so fun to be able to just go pick what you want for meal you’re making.


Zucchini!  We are about to have a TON.  I need to get one of these and make some zucchini pasta.

IMG_8513 IMG_8510 IMG_8503

We planted a lot of tomato plants and then a friend of ours gave us a few more.  If they all take off we are going to have so many tomatoes!

IMG_8504 IMG_8505

The start of this year’s cucumber crop!  Last year I planted 16 pickling cucumber plants and the ladies at the church took 150 cucumbers from them and made/canned tons of pickles for the bazaar.


Peas.  Bruce had to raise the stakes on these today because they had gotten so tall.




Spring Onions – these are fun because you don’t know how big they are until you pick them!  And they are SO good.  We did them our first year, but haven’t done them since – I’m glad we planted them again this year.


This one’s odd … beets – ha!  One of my church members has a huge garden and always gives Bruce some of his extra stuff.  I don’t know how to tell, but they seem to be growing well.  How the heck do you cook beets?

We also have a few different types of peppers and potatoes that I didn’t get pictures of today.

Hopefully in a week or so I will be doing lots of garden-to-table meals!  We have basil in another spot, so I’m already thinking about caprese stuffed baked zucchini.  Cucumbers and hummus.  Salsa.  Pickles.  Zucchini pasta.  Roasted summer squash.  I can’t wait!

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  1. Beets can be sliced and fried in butter. They can also be cubed and used in vegetable soup, and so many other ways. You can also eat the leaves as salad, but then the root doesn’t really grow. Good luck with that garden.

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