‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone!  This is my homily from the 5:00 Family Worship & Pageant.  It was fun – I actually “preached” it up on the altar partway through the pageant.

Christmas Eve Pageant Sermon

It was fun to be with the kids. 🙂


‘Twas The Night Before Christmas
Christmas Eve Pageant Homily


‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through this place.
The children were in costume with smiles on their face.

There were angels and shepherds and camels and sheep.
Mary and Joseph were not making a peep.

The manger was in place with a star shining above.
The community together, filled with joyous great love.

The organ was on, singers warmed up and ready.
Ushers went to their places to help people stay steady.

God’s children of all ages, young, middle-aged and old.
Coming in from outside, sheltering from the cold.

The candles were lit – hope peace, joy, love and birth.
A reminder to all that this Christmas story has worth.

“Our Savior is born!” we will shout later with joy.
God works in strange ways, like through the birth of a boy.

We remember the story like it is one of our own.
There was no room at the inn, Mary and Joseph alone.

But not for too long, soon many would surround.
With shepherds, sheep, kings and inn keepers, that night many blessings did abound.

Sometimes we wonder why we come here tonight.
When bad things happen in the world, it is hard to find God’s great light.

But we come here regardless, come to worship and sing.
To be reminded again of our glorious King.

Throughout the year we remember his life, his ministry here among people.
We tell of his stories at this church, within our walls, under our steeple.

He taught us to love, to reach out to the poor.
Called for equality around him, said “Injustice, no more!”

So tonight as we celebrate we also think of our life.
How we can create a world without hatred and strife.

Where blessings, grace and forgiveness can overcome all.
And love exists among people without taking a fall.

So I wonder, this year – how we can live out this story?
And always remember to give God the great glory.

So think about that tonight, tomorrow and beyond.
God is always ready and willing for us to respond.

Merry Christmas, my friends, may your celebrations be blessed.
Please do me a favor and do not let yourself be stressed!

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