The Telephone Game {A Children’s Sermon On Prayer}

A few weeks ago I preached on taking back evangelism and one of the points I was trying to make was that we all have the ability within us to both speak to God and hear God speaking back to us.  I was racking my brain trying to come up with a children’s sermon and my Music Director gave me a great idea – the telephone game!

One of the things that I have focused on lately is how I can better empower my lay people – young and old – to pray.  I want them to see that they are capable of praying the same way that I am, that they do not need me to pray for them, that they can communicate to God directly, that prayer can and WILL change their lives.

I know it starts when they are young.  So I asked the kids if it was important that they pray to God instead of just letting me do it.  Some of them thought they should pray, but some of them thought that I should just do it.  So I had them play a game of telephone!  I gave one of my kids – one of the older kids – a message and he passed it to the person next to him, who passed it to the person next to him and so on and so forth.  It went through all the kids – whose ages ranged from 3 to 14 – and the end result was hysterical.

I started with the message, “We are a church of extravagant welcome,” and by the time we got to the last child, they were just babbling gibberish to each other!  I’m not really sure where the break down happened, but we tried to trace the message back to the last person that heard actual words and what they heard was still was nowhere close to the original message.

After we all had a good laugh, I talked to the kids about why each of them needed to pray to God so that they knew what God wanted them to do and what God was saying to them (and not what someone else thought God was saying to them!).

This was a simple children’s sermon that could be adapted for any season and would work well with a wide range of ages and group sizes.  I take no credit for it and am so grateful Jordan had the idea!

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