Children’s Day Games

Okay … can someone help me out?  How in the world is AUGUST ALMOST OVER?!

I feel like just yesterday I was saying, “We had an amazing Children’s Day celebration!  I can’t wait to blog about it.”

Yeah … that didn’t happen.

I never actually pulled my camera out on Children’s Day.  I haven’t really figured out how to be both pastor AND photographer yet … I feel like I am always missing things!  Ugh.  Anyway, my plan was to pull the games out and take photos of them at some point this summer, but then we started painting classrooms and my life became consumed by that.

Did I promise y’all photos of the classrooms?  It’s official – I’m the worst blogger ever.

Anyway, at this point I’m planning Rally Sunday and if I don’t blog about Children’s Day now I never will.  So I grabbed some photos off of our church Facebook page and have decided that I will just do a better job of documenting and blogging about the next thing.

Well … I’ll try.

Anyhoo … we had a big carnival-like party on Children’s Day.  The church provided hamburgers, hot dogs and ice cream and we asked the congregation to bring side dishes.  We rented a bouncy house and set up all kinds of games that I found on Pinterest.  We also pulled together a lot of fun and inexpensive props and set up a photo booth – THAT was fun!


You have to be careful with a bouncy house.  We checked with our insurance company before we ordered it and made sure there was always an adult at the door bringing the kids in and out.  We didn’t let too many kids in at once and had them take their shoes off.  The kids were so thrilled that they were happy to follow the rules!

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Pinteret-inspired games.  We actually wanted to put more together, but ran out of time in the end (doesn’t that always happen?).  We saved everything and are hoping to just add to it for next year.


Truth be told, this game looked cooler on Pinterest!  It was supposed to be a javelin throw made out of pool noodles, but the target wouldn’t stand up and the pool noodles did not throw like javelins!  So we improvised and still had fun.


One of everyone’s favorite parts of the day (besides the bouncy house) was the photo booth!  We gathered fun and inexpensive props and let people take as many pictures as they wanted!  We had someone on hand to take them (and we posted those on the church Facebook page) and some of them are hysterical!  It was a blast and will definitely be making an appearance at upcoming church events.  I think it will be a fun way to capture our community throughout the years!

In the end, it was an amazing day, but a lot of work.  I’m hoping to streamline the process a little bit next year so the staff isn’t as stressed going into the weekend.

What do y’all do for Children’s Day?

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