All You Need Is Love (on a stole anyway)

I wore a new stole on Sunday!

Photo Sep 07, 12 25 29 PM

Our Children’s Day theme this year was “Testify to Love” and – in a last minute stroke of luck – I found this beautiful pink & black fabric the Saturday before Children’s Day with the word “love” splashed all over it.  I used it as the backdrop for the photo booth we set up at our celebration after worship.

Photo Sep 07, 1 08 37 PM

I have about 100 more photos like this. 🙂

Anyway, I bought 6 yards and after Children’s Day was over, I wasn’t really sure what to do with it.  It doesn’t really lend itself to altarscapes (the pattern or the material), but it is just fun and I love the colors and I wanted to do something with it.

Enter my obsession with stoles.

Photo Sep 07, 8 56 36 AM

I talked to my friend Betsy and she said would be willing to help me out.  I did all of the cutting and ironing and backing last week and then she sewed it together on Saturday night.  It’s funny – this is by far the easiest stole we have ever made (no appliqué, no patchwork), but it’s definitely one of our favorites!

I realize that the pink & black color combo really doesn’t align with liturgical colors, but my favorite thing about stoles is that they really can tell a story.  And this stole tells the story of a Children’s Day at the Rehoboth Congregational Church where we celebrated a year that was truly a living testament to God’s love.

Photo Sep 07, 8 56 45 AM

And I think that’s a really amazing story to tell. 🙂

Photo Sep 07, 10 19 02 AM

I kind of hope this becomes a tradition!  It’s a neat way to link the celebration of Children’s Day to the excitement of Rally Day.  Here’s to an amazing year to come!



Baptism Stole

I “debuted” a new stole two weeks ago!


I was preaching on Jesus’ baptism and sent a not-so-subtle-facebook hint to my friend Betsy about making one.  I did have to bribe her by meeting her at the gym that week, but on Saturday morning we met at Joanns, iPhones in hand with Pinterest up.

I initially had a different idea for the stole, but it was a little bit more involved and actually would have end up looking like my water-into-wine stole and we wanted to try something we had never done before.  Eventually I found inspiration from this stole of Jon’s.  We had never really pieced anything together before (most of the stoles we’ve made are done with applique) so this was fun!  We bought the white fabric and four different water-like blue fat quarters.


I printed out a dove image (I just google image searched “holy spirit dove” and printed out a couple so we could choose which one we liked the best) and cut the dove out of the leftover white fabric.  We appliqued it on top of the blue patchwork.  Betsy did all of the sewing and I did the ironing!


The best part is that not only did I get to wear it that Sunday, but I had a baptism this past Sunday and I have two on my calendar in the coming weeks!

Stole making really is a lot of fun and it can be inexpensive.  We had a lot of materials already on hand (the lining and the applique stuff) so I only spent about $18 on this project!  Obviously I couldn’t do it without Betsy (since I basically only know how to sew a button on) – I hope she has as much fun as I do!

God’s Vision: 2013 Synod Stole

I sat down behind the pulpit on last Sunday and almost burst out laughing.  While I had intentionally matched my shoes to my earrings (because that’s just what you do) …


… I didn’t realize my stole was also going to match as well!


Jon bought me this stole when he was at General Synod last month.  General Synod is the biennial meeting of the United Church of Christ.  It was in Long Beach, California this year – I wish I could have gone!


In Stitches created this stole for synod (my mom has several of them from throughout the years) – the synod stole are always so beautiful! There were apparently several different colors this year, so Jon picked one that he thought I’d like. Who knew he’d pick one that matched my shoes?!  It was meant to be. 🙂


There is so much about this stole that I love.  The phrase, “God’s Vision,” the commas floating, the different fabrics and textures, the arms raised …

IMG_8294 IMG_8296

The first time I put it on I received so many compliments!  The work is so beautifully intricate and it is fun to think that so many UCC pastors have all been preaching in the same stole over the past several weeks.

And while this stole is beautiful …


… so is God’s vision for us (ALL of us!).

Peace to you all, friends.  Allow yourself to see God’s vision on the horizon. 🙂