Prayer Of Confession • Resurrection

I posted the Call to Worship we used the second-to-the-last Sunday in the Year of Mark, the shorter ending of the resurrection.  This is the Prayer of Confession we used that Sunday.  It would work well for Easter or even the Easter season.


Prayer of Confession • Resurrection • Mark (shorter ending)
Rev. Sarah Weaver

Resurrecting God, we give you great thanks for your love that is so powerful that it conquered death. The Easter story teaches us that death did not, does not and will not have the final word. Yet we confess that there are moments in our lives when this seems like a scary story to share with others; like the women who ran from the tomb afraid, we do not tell people about your redeeming grace. We hold back from talking about this life-changing story. Inspire us, O God, to boldly proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to a world that so desperately needs to hear it. Amen.


Prayer Of Confession • Jesus’ Burial

When I preached on Jesus’ burial, I wrote this Prayer of Confession. I think it would work well during a Service of Tenebrae, but especially a Holy Saturday service, if you do one.


Prayer of Confession • Jesus’ Burial
Rev. Sarah Weaver

Powerful and almighty God, we give you thanks for the transformative work that you have done in this world. As we wait for resurrection in this story, we confess that there are times in our own lives when we lack patience; when we do not trust that resurrection is coming, that redemption is possible and that grace will prevail. Infuse, within us, the fortitude to simply be in your presence – and to trust that you will carry us through whatever we might face on the journey that lies ahead. Amen.


Prayer Of Confession (Jesus’ Death • Good Friday)

With the Year of Mark rapidly drawing to a close at RCC, I needed a Prayer of Confession that would tie into the story of Jesus’ crucifixion last week.  This would be a good one to adapt and use on Maundy Thursday or Good Friday next year!


Prayer of Confession (Jesus’ Death • Good Friday)
Rev. Sarah Weaver

Creating, redeeming and sustaining God, we confess that the story we are about to hear is a hard one. It was tempting to skip worship this morning; to come back when it is time to celebrate resurrection.
     And yet we know that this part of the story is just as important to read as the rest of it. We know that it is important to acknowledge the things in this world that are hard as we seek to do the transformative work you are calling us to do.
Keep us focused in worship today and then as we leave this space as we seek to shine light into the darkness,  share love in the midst of hatred and uncover grace where hope seems lost. Amen.