Last Minute Advent Prayer of Confession

Hi friends and Happy Tuesday! I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired with any of the Prayers of Confessions in my liturgy resources, so I put this one together very quickly this morning for worship on Sunday.  If you’re scrambling and need something completely unedited (but also pretty real to where I’m at!), feel free to use it!



God – Emmanuel:  As we patiently, but sometimes also impatiently, await your arrival in our midst, we confess that there are moments when we lose sight of what we are waiting for. Often distracted or discouraged by the quest for quick fixes and glimpses of normal during this time of distancing, we forget to keep our eyes on the manger – and the hope and the promise that will be found there on Christmas. Help us to let go of the things that are pulling us away from you during a time when we need to draw close to you. Give us the strength and the courage to proclaim the Good News of the birth of our Savior and the conquering love coming into our lives. Amen.


Liturgy For Rally Day & The Beatitudes

We kicked off our program year while simultaneously kicking off a 12-week sermon series on the Sermon on the Mount and I wrote the liturgy we used.  I wasn’t expecting this, but the congregation actually started giggling during the Call to Worship when they realized that I had used a play on the Beatitudes to highlight Rally Day.  It was a fun way to weave the Beatitudes into worship from the very beginning.  For those of you on the lectionary – you’re moving into year A next year, so the Beatitudes will be February 2, 2020, which is Super Bowl Sunday.  It might be fun to find a way to integrate the two (the Beatitudes with football fans, players, halftime show performers, people that work at the stadium, etc.) on that Sunday, as well.


CALL TO WORSHIP • The Beatitudes, Rally Day
Rev. Sarah Weaver

When Jesus saw the crowds he went up the mountain;
and after he sat down, his disciples came to him.
Then he began to speak, and taught them saying:
Blessed are the people who gather to worship on Rally Day,
for their hearts will be filled with the Spirit.
Blessed are the children,
for their minds will be opened to learn.
Blessed are the choir members,
for they will experience God through music.
Blessed are the committee members,
for they will find wholeness through service.
Blessed are the staff members,
for they will uncover grace in the most unexpected ways and places.
Blessed are all the members of this church,
for their voices will come together to proclaim the Good News of God’s love.
A new year is upon us:
Let us worship God!


PRAYER OF CONFESSION • The Beatitudes, Rally Day
Rev. Sarah Weaver

God, we are so happy to be together today; to see our church family, to feel the buzz of a new year and to dream about what the year might bring. We confess, however, that the flexibility of summer has caused us to fall out of some of our routines. We have missed opportunities to center ourselves in prayer, to serve and to be in community. We have forgotten that we are your blessed children, called to be in community and to bear witness to your love. Remind us, O God, that we are your children, the Body of Christ. Help us to set goals for the year and re-center our lives on you so our year can be an outward expression of your love. Amen.



Prayer Of Confession • Resurrection

This is the Prayer of Confession we used for our last Sunday in the Year of Mark, the longer ending.  I love the line about God’s work never being finished. This would be a great prayer for Easter Sunday or the Easter Sunday.


Rev. Sarah Weaver

Powerful and life-giving God, we give you thanks as we gather today for a faith that is grounded in light, love and grace; for a story that reminds us, again and again, that your work is never finished. Yet we confess, O God, that there are moments in our lives when we feel as though the story might be finished. Help us hold onto the redeeming truth of the Gospel and proclaim that truth to the world. Amen.