Easter Sunrise Service 2015

The sky was dark … the air was cold … the clock said 4:30 AM and my alarm clock was yelling at me to get up.

You know, I think next year I’ll download the Morman Tabernacle Choir singing Christ the Lord is Risen today and use that as my alarm clock for the sunrise service!

I am SO not a morning person, but there is something really fun every year about waking up first thing and group texting with all of your clergy friends about how tired you are gathering with your church members before the sun is even up to worship!  We have our sunrise service at the Anawan Club in Rehoboth every year – they are so gracious in letting us use their space!

IMG_5428 IMG_5430

We knew as soon as we got there that it was going to be a beautiful sunrise!  You could just tell. 🙂 A couple of us usually kayak over to the service (earlier wakeup call!) but everything was still iced over two days before Easter when Bruce checked it.  We realized as the sun came up that we COULD have kayaked – the ice literally must have cleared the day before!  Ugh.  We were so bummed – it’s such a fun tradition.


We have a living cross that everyone adorns with flowers during the service.  Usually people bring them from their yards but given the fact that we still have snow on the ground this year, the Deacons decided to buy a bunch of flowers and hand them out to people with their bulletins. 🙂


The confirmation class leads the service every year!  This year I have SEVEN BOYS and two girls.  The poor girls!


The first year I lived in Rehoboth, one of our seniors came with his trumpet and led the music. But then he went to college 🙁 and the next year we tried to do an a capella thing and it kind of failed miserably. So the next year I had hired Jordan and asked him if he – on the off chance – wanted to come to the service with a guitar. Miraculously, he said yes! And this year I convinced a choir member to come with him. It really helps having someone lead! A capella + 6 am + 30 degrees = just doesn’t work.

IMG_5444 IMG_5446

When we print the bulletins for this service in three different colors.  During each hymn, the bulletin says something like, “If you have a yellow/green/pink bulletin, you can bring your flowers to the cross during this hymn.”  It helps with crowd control – and makes the bulletins pretty!


This is what 30 degrees looks like.  BRR.



And by the time we said our final Hallelujah! Amen! – the sun was up!

IMG_5467 IMG_5468

It was a gorgeous service as usual! There was a threat of rain but there was not a drop in sight!

And now that we know the reservoir is open … it’s time to unload the kayaks for the summer!

Fall Foliage In Rehoboth

The leaves are starting to turn in Rehoboth!


I pass this tree every day on my way to church. I think the leaves changed overnight!

Taken with my Canon EOS 60D
ISO 400
aperture f/11
shutter 1/160


ISO 400
aperture f/11
shutter 1/160


This tree is inside the Rehoboth Village Cemetery. It is remarkable!

ISO 400
aperture f/11
shutter 1/250


I was the total creep that was taking pictures of trees in someone else’s property. Sorry!

ISO 400
aperture f/11
shutter 1/250


ISO 400
aperture f/11
shutter 1/250


ISO 400
aperture f/11
shutter 1/125

This really is one of my favorite times of year.  I need to be intentional this year about getting out with my camera more!

NMHS Presents Cats!

I took last week off to head to CT to help my dad open his show.  This year they did CATS!  I thought he was nuts, but couldn’t wait to photograph it.  It didn’t disappoint!

579226_464738120294977_2126677919_n 1011074_464749136960542_1160605924_n 1468576_464229267012529_789886776_n 1468576_464229280345861_469245435_n 1514338_464541270314662_1332275336_n 1902876_464540316981424_1314671356_n 1902876_464540330314756_1659487821_n 1926714_464735993628523_1406948882_n 1948255_464737420295047_922608358_n 1958034_464742413627881_1842522316_n 1958517_464752273626895_31817926_n 1959563_464755803626542_1158992221_n 1966688_464734330295356_1149557325_n 1975186_464750053627117_1942717877_n 10004061_464736720295117_610537069_n

I had so much fun!

The show runs one more weekend, so if you are local to New Milford, CT – come on out!  Check out the All School Musical Facebook Page for more information (and more pictures!).