More Artwork

Goodness gracious, could the weather get any more gorgeous in New England right now?  Bruce and I first started talking about scheduling my surgery this summer, but ultimately decided to hold off until the fall so I could let the cool, fresh air rejuvenate and heal me.  I think it’s working!

I have been trying to get out each day – it’s been good for the body AND soul. 🙂 It’s also given me some beautiful background for some more photo scriptures – I love them!  I’m thinking of looking into having them printed on magnets … I vaguely remember Young House Love doing something with Instagram photos?  Is there a website where you can link your account and then order straight from there?

Anyway … here are the ones from this week!

Blog Photo Scripture 5 Blog Photo Scripture 6 Blog Photo Scripture 7 Blog Photo Scripture 8

I love the last one. 🙂

I uploaded the files at full size if you are interested in any of them.

Enjoy the day!

A Little Bit Of Artwork

Do y’all use the app A Beautiful Mess?  I downloaded it a few months ago and have been playing around ever since.  I don’t really like putting a ton of text and drawings on my instagram pictures, but I have found a ton of other uses for it!  My most recent obsession?  Scripture cards.

Blog Photo Scripture 1

I use a photo that I’ve taken with my iPhone and just open it in A Beautiful Mess.  I add the text from there!

Blog Photo Scripture 2 Blog Photo Scripture 3

It has been a really neat way for me to reflect on my understanding of the bible.  I see something in the world through the lens of my vision and then I am able to connect it to the ancient and sustaining words of scripture.

Blog Photo Scripture 4

I uploaded all of these photos in the highest format (I think) in case any of you would like to download them.  It never hurts to have some visual reminders of grace. 🙂