Washington Part 2

Before this mission trip, I haven’t had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in DC – always in and out or just passing through. I have been missing out – what a city!

I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to bring my nice camera with me – in the end, I decided to bring it and I am SO glad that I did. The photos of the kids are priceless and the architecture and landscapes were amazing to photograph. I have a feeling a few of this may make it on our walls at home at some point …

IMG_8952 IMG_8960 IMG_8971 IMG_8991 IMG_8994 IMG_9056 IMG_9070 IMG_9073 IMG_9074 IMG_9079 IMG_9082 IMG_9130 IMG_9133 IMG_9143 IMG_9258 IMG_9264 IMG_9316 IMG_9320 IMG_9354 IMG_9365 IMG_9299

I would love to go back sometime in the spring or fall.  With a wide-angle lens.  🙂

Washington Part 1

I feel like I have dropped off the radar this week!  Completely unintentional – I was on study leave all week, but things kept popping up and I did not get nearly as much done as I wanted to.  Such is ministry – such is life!

Like I said in my last post, I was in Washington D. C. with our youth group last week.  We had so much fun!  Here are some of my pictures.  I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to bring my dSLR and I am SO glad that I did.  I will treasure some of these pictures for so long.

I figured I would split them up into 1) people and 2) sites.  Here are my favorite people shots!

IMG_8831 IMG_8866 IMG_8869 IMG_8875 IMG_8928 IMG_8983 IMG_9002 IMG_9013 IMG_9021 IMG_9091 IMG_9100 IMG_9121 IMG_9168 IMG_9172 IMG_9206 IMG_9219 IMG_9240 IMG_9261 IMG_9342 IMG_9348

I’ll post some of my favorites of the sites tomorrow!