World Communion Sunday Prayer Of Consecration

I pulled from a few different sources this week for my communion liturgy – there is some great stuff out there!  I couldn’t find a Prayer of Consecration that really fit, so I wrote my own.  I know it is too late for y’all to use it this year – but file it away for next year!

Prayer Of Consecration
World Communion Sunday
(C) Sarah E. Weaver 2012

O God, you welcome us all to this table – people in this community and people all around the world. You welcome those who feel that they have answers and those who are still asking questions. You welcome those who are strong and those who are broken. You welcome those whom this table has great meaning and those who are still finding meaning for the first time. Bless this meal and bless us as we receive it together. May it unite us and remind us that we are one in the Body of Christ. Amen.

World Communion Sunday Table

Yesterday was World Communion Sunday.  In addition to some special liturgy, I dressed the table differently.

I had our sexton bring in a longer table than we normally use for communion so the presentation would be more dramatic.  Instead of covering the table with a tablecloth I used blankets that my husband brought back from Lesotho (a country in southern Africa).  Then I dressed the table with scarves, jewelry, pottery and other trinkets from around the world.

One of my church members baked so much bread!  We used most of it as display and then put the bread that was distributed in baskets instead of the silver plates that are usually used.

I actually broke my ankle last week, so I wasn’t able to do as much as with the sanctuary as I initially wanted to.  But in lieu of my hobbling around, I was happy with the way the table turned out!