Call To Worship • Jesus’ Burial

When I preached on Jesus’ burial, I wrote this liturgy to open worship. I’m not sure if would work well if you were doing a Service of Tenebrae with the whole Passion Narrative, but it would work well for Good Friday – or even adapted to say, “Today we remember the last moments of Jesus’ life – and like Joseph of Arimathea, who wrapped Jesus in a linen cloth after he died,” etc.


Call To Worship • Jesus’ Burial
Rev. Sarah Weaver

Today we remember the burial of Jesus.
     Like Joseph of Arimathea,
          who wrapped Jesus in a linen cloth
          and laid him carefully in a tomb,
     we will take the same care and compassion
          as we tell the story
          and wait for resurrection.
Together we wait.
Together we worship.
Let us worship God.


Call To Worship (Jesus’ Death • Good Friday)

With the Year of Mark rapidly drawing to a close at RCC, I needed a Call to Worship that would tie into the story of Jesus’ crucifixion last week.  I wove in John 11, which, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful passages of scripture. Typically this wouldn’t work in the middle of the summer :) but bookmark it and use it during Holy Week next year!


Call to Worship (Jesus’ Death • Good Friday)
Rev. Sarah Weaver

Today we will look at one of the hardest stories of our faith.
I am the resurrection and the life.
We will hear the story of Jesus’ crucifixion.
Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live,
And as much as we will want to continue the story,
and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die.
we will have to wait for resurrection.
Do you believe this?
Together, we will reflect on our faith.
Yes Lord, I believe!
Then let us worship the Lord, our God.
Let us worship God!


Call to Worship {Beginning of Summer}

I’ve got a renewed focus on writing my own liturgy – I love the casual feel and the fact that I can really make it relevant to whatever is going on in the church and in worship that Sunday.  Last Sunday was our first summer worship, so I wrote a liturgy giving nod to that.  Obviously this isn’t something that would work verbatim in someone else’s context, but hopefully it will give you a starting place if you would like to do something similar!


Call to Worship {Beginning of the Summer with an adaption of Ecclesiastes 3}
Rev. Sarah Weaver

Summer is upon us!
To everything there is a season.
Here at RCC, summer means warmer weather,
     earlier worship
     and lemonade instead of coffee.
And a time for every matter under heaven.
It may be more relaxed,
     but the Spirit is very much still here
     and working in our midst.
A time to listen to special music and a time to sing our favorite hymns.
This summer we will finish the Year of Mark and start a new sermon series on hospitality.
A time to baptize children and a time to live out the promises we make in baptism.
We will gather items for the yard sale and grow vegetables for the farmer’s market.
A time to go on vacation and a time to rest at home.
We will takeover Hillside Country Club.
A time to gather with our friends and a time to make new friends.
Summer is a upon us! Let us celebrate this season together!
Let us worship God!