Call to Worship {Beginning of Summer}

I’ve got a renewed focus on writing my own liturgy – I love the casual feel and the fact that I can really make it relevant to whatever is going on in the church and in worship that Sunday.  Last Sunday was our first summer worship, so I wrote a liturgy giving nod to that.  Obviously this isn’t something that would work verbatim in someone else’s context, but hopefully it will give you a starting place if you would like to do something similar!


Call to Worship {Beginning of the Summer with an adaption of Ecclesiastes 3}
Rev. Sarah Weaver

Summer is upon us!
To everything there is a season.
Here at RCC, summer means warmer weather,
     earlier worship
     and lemonade instead of coffee.
And a time for every matter under heaven.
It may be more relaxed,
     but the Spirit is very much still here
     and working in our midst.
A time to listen to special music and a time to sing our favorite hymns.
This summer we will finish the Year of Mark and start a new sermon series on hospitality.
A time to baptize children and a time to live out the promises we make in baptism.
We will gather items for the yard sale and grow vegetables for the farmer’s market.
A time to go on vacation and a time to rest at home.
We will takeover Hillside Country Club.
A time to gather with our friends and a time to make new friends.
Summer is a upon us! Let us celebrate this season together!
Let us worship God!


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