The Energy Bus

I was meeting with my clergy group last week and one of them mentioned that some of the leaders in her church were reading The Energy Bus and how much it had transformed her/their way of thinking.  She made it as an offhanded comment and then moved onto the next thing that she had to say and a few seconds later what she said sunk in and I said, “Wait a second … what was the name of that book again?”  It just sounded intriguing so I ordered it that night.


The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy
by, Jon Gordon

So here’s the thing – there were parts of the book that were a little bit corny, but I LOVED it.  I say “a little bit corny” in the most loving and grateful way.  In fact, I think I am going to pass it along to everyone on staff now that I am done with it!  Gordon isn’t saying anything earth shattering – he is reinforcing basic principles that we all know, but sometimes forget to implement in our lives.

The book is a narrative, which is actually a really neat way to bundle the “rules” that he lays out.  He tells the story about a man who is struggling in his personal and professional life and ends up on a bus (the “energy bus”) with a bus driver and passengers who teach him how to turn his life around.  Because it is written as a narrative, I found myself getting caught up and invested in the characters and was totally rooting for him by the end.  The strange thing is – because I saw some of myself in the main character (the stress, the traps of negative thinking, etc.) – in the end I was kind of rooting for myself.  I wanted to implement these rules in my own life and ministry that I can have more positive energy in my life!

It is a quick and easy read – I read it in three days.  Definitely worth it if you are struggling with how to build momentum and strengthen rapport!

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