Straining At The Oars

One of my church members gifted this to me a few weeks ago …

Straining At The Oars

Her former pastor recently published this book, “Straining At The Oars: case studies in pastoral leadership.” Jane told me when she gave me the book that – upon his retirement – he reflected that there is not nearly enough literature out there talking about what it is actually like to be a pastor.

I totally agree.

Here’s the thing:

I am where I should be.

I am where I am called to be.

I am where my family legacy has led me.

But, phew! The call to ministry does not come with an instruction manual.

Dana pointed out in his introduction that seminary education is primarily theological. He’s right. My shelves are filled with books overflowing with biblical commentary, systematic theology, ethics, history and doctrine.

But let’s be honest. I have spent more time talking about the narthex bathroom renovation this week than anything I learned in seminary. We need to start teaching ministry and not just theology. The vitality of our churches is at stake.

This book is a great starting point. Here is a link to the book on amazon (not an affiliate!). Enjoy!

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