Not Your Parents Offering Plate: A New Vision For Financial Stewardship

Not Your Parents Offering Plate: A New Vision For Financial Stewardship
by J. Clif Christopher

Every pastor / stewardship chair should read this book.  There’s no excuse.  It’s quick, easy and full of a lot of really good information.  I read it in less than a day.  Here’s the link to it on amazon.


“[People] are going to send their money where they see the most results.”

“What a novel idea.  Actually trying to understand why people would want to give to you.”

“When a church consistently shows its constituency how lives are being improved through its ministry, then that church gets supported.”

“Understand, we are competing with one million nonprofits, all of whom readily thank their donors.  The church stands alone, the one place where the CEO will seldom say thank-you for a gift.”

Do [non-profits] send out a message that they are dying on the vine and must have one more contribution to stay afloat?  No, they say, ‘We took your money last year and we did great things with it.  If you will give us more, we will do more great things.'”

“I do not look at asking for money as sales.  I always look at it as evangelism.  When I ask someone to give money for the work of the kingdom, I am doing nothing more than inviting them to be a part of what I so passionately believe to be the best place for their money and their life.  I am asking them to join me in something that changed my life and that I believe has the power to change the lives of countless others.  If we truly believe that Jesus Christ, through the church, can change the world, why would we not want to invite everyone we care anything about to be a part of it?”

“Don’t worry about not being a professional.  Your people do not want to hear from a professional fund-raiser.  They want to hear a vision and dream from their pastor.  They want to know from you what they can do to help the dream become reality.  They want to be servants of the same God you represent, and they need you to lead them.  I know you feel vulnerable, but pick up your staff and go out there and do it on behalf of the God who calls you and promised to be with you.  If he can part the Red Sea and defeat Pharaoh’s army, then he just might help you raise some money for the kingdom.”

“Bottom line – you cannot tell your stories too much.  Quit keeping what you have a secret and get it out there.”

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