How To Wow Your Church Guests

Such a quick, easy and helpful read!


How To Wow Your Church Guests: 101 ways to make a meaningful first impression (available on amazon here)
By Mark L. Waltz

The title makes the book kind of self-explanatory, but I will say this – there is a good balance of theoretical and practical.  There are definitive “this is what you should do” ideas (#40 was my favorite – “Brew Good Coffee”) but there are also some more general “here’s a thought – take it and run with it in your church” (#16 – Give ‘Em Something to Talk About).

Just a note – the church that Mark Waltz is obviously a lot larger than RCC and has more guests on a weekly basis, but the content is still really helpful!

One tip I think is worth sharing …

#52 – Change It
Best practices risk becoming mundane routines when they are not frequently evaluated for effectiveness and relevance.  “Because we’ve always done it this way” isn’t a good enough reason to keep doing it the same way. … Sometimes change should happen because something is ineffective or broken.  Other times you should change it before the practice, habit, or system becomes commonplace.  Commonplace breeds complacency, and complacency breeds ineffectiveness.  We risk loving our systems more than the potential outcome of those systems.  Think first of people.  Build systems and processes that serve people, not the other way around.

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