Bible Study Recap – Isaiah 27-29

Recap from Isaiah 27-29!


Bible Study Weekly Recap
April 21, 2015
Isaiah Week 9 {Isaiah 27-29}

Isaiah 27

Reference to mythology (v. 1)


  • God is now seeking vengeance against those who have destroyed Israel
  • The evil empires

God is not angry

  • God is not angry
  • It would be easier if they were fighting against them – he could retaliate – but they are lukewarm

What does God want?
v. 5 – Or else let them come to me for refuge;
let them make peace with me,
yes, let them make peace with me.”

v. 9

By this, then, will Jacob’s guilt be atoned for,
and this will be the full fruit of the removal of his sin:

  • Israel’s sin has been ataoned

v. 10

The fortified city stands desolate,
an abandoned settlement, forsaken like the wilderness;

  • A city that was once strong is now deserted
  • Worshipping a power that is not God

Isaiah 28

Ephraim = leaders of Israel, the tribe that went to war w/ Jerusalem

The prophet is talking about them like they are children (v. 9 – children that have just been weaned)

Cycles of destructive behavior / oblivion

  • The religious leaders were stuck in these cycles, unable to see outside of their lives, now they are a target?

Prosperous city – they were once enjoying their lavish lifestyle, not thanking God

The religious leaders do not understand what the prophet was trying to say – though perhaps what the prophet was saying actually did make sense, but they were so caught up in their lives that they just did not get it.

v. 23-29 – agricultural parable

  • We have to trust the process even if it is hard for us to go through
  • We cannot resent the processes that are trying to help us

Isaiah 29

Ariel – nickname for Jerusalem

Faith & trust in God > the lavish parts of our earthly lives

  • Trust God to help you feel the way that the material things in your life make you feel
  • We do not need “stuff” in our lives to give us joy, we just need to put our faith in God.

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