World Communion Sunday 2014

I know I am a week late, but here are photos of my altar on World Communion Sunday!




The pieces of wood were part of the Call to Worship.  I tried to keep things simple and rustic.  I went back and forth on whether or not to put the bread on the communion table itself, but I was afraid I wasn’t going to have enough space so I moved it to the altar.  I thought it was kind of a nice focal point!

World Communion Sunday always seems to kind of sneak up on me!  Next year I am going to try to plan ahead and get more people involved in the altar design.  I had one person in charge of the bread this year and that’s a lot for one person!  I think it would be fun to have several people bake and bring their favorite breads. 🙂

Until next year on this – any suggestions?

One thought on “World Communion Sunday 2014

  1. Hi! Since you seem to like working with material, you may like an idea I have used for World Communion Sunday. During the year I keep an eye out for types of material that represent different cultures to me and layer them on the altar that Sunday. I use everything from a Chinese dress I inherited to a small oriental/india rug, to an old seal skin coat, sari material, material that reminds me of Africa, blue jean material, tartan, etc. If you use enough material types and overlap strategically, nobody can tell what the shape of the material actually is! Then I use different breads (some fake, some that the Rev uses) and grapes along with the juice and a Christ candle. (We have a large cross on the wall so we don’t have to always use one on the table.) Just an idea!

    Thanks for your altar ideas and also for posting your sermons and studies! I look forward to reading them!

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