Turning Water Into Wine

I preached on The Wedding at Cana on Sunday – I had so much fun putting together an altar for this story!


The original idea for this altar came from a picture I found via google images last week. I sent the pic to Jon, who promptly created something similar and beautiful at Westfield. I used both of those altarscapes as my own inspiration.


I love the transition from the flowing blue fabric to the flowing dark pink / red fabric. I asked the kids during the children’s sermon what they thought it was and they picked up the blue fabric / water symbolism right away!

(They didn’t come up with the wine on their own, but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing when it comes to children … ?)


I put the altar together before the flowers were arranged for the weekend so I didn’t really see everything come together until Sunday morning. I love how well the colors of this week’s arrangement blended with the altarscape!


I used these beautiful chalices that I bought at the estate sale of a dear church member in Connecticut. I do not get to use them as often as I would like for communion throughout the year, so I thought putting them on the altar this week would be a great opportunity to let them shine.


I used the bigger pots as the main part of the design, but still wanted to utilize some of my smaller pottery pieces as well. I liked having them on the altar to symbolize the empty vessels that Jesus filled with an abundance of overflowing wine.

IMG_7674 IMG_7677 IMG_7678

I absolutely love when an altar comes to life like this! It brings so much to the story, to my sermon and to everyone’s personal connection to the worship service. It really just adds a whole other dimension to worship.

In terms of cost, most of what I used were supplies I had on hand. I spent about $10 total on the three larger pots that the water flowed from into the wine (I bought them at Marshalls and Savers). The really large pot was something I had at home, the candlesticks are the church’s and everything else was from my office.

What do you think?

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    1. 27 year old pastor in Webster City, IA. Doing a stewardship theme centered around the abundance that comes from the river. Early civilizations thrived on the access to the river. Sermon series asks questions like What is our understanding of abundance? Where does our abundance come from? and how do we share in our abundance?…All that to say Trying to turn the steps that surround our stage, pulpit, and alter into a river I have 16 large and medium river rocks and a whole lot of blue fabric. Any suggestions

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