Then And Now {Confirmation Worship Space}

I adore teaching confirmation (have I mentioned that before?).  We met this past Sunday and talked about the history of our church.  We closed with worship and this is how I set up the space …


The table was out from communion that morning, but since the class is small and we were down one mentor I decided to just have us sit around the table. It was nice!


I used mirrors as my base for two reasons:
1. I wanted the light from the candles to reflect off of them
2. I wanted the sanctuary to be reflected in our worship service.


It worked! Look at the stained glass in the mirror! So cool.

IMG_7079 IMG_7083

My office admin and I were looking for something the other day and came across these old building keys. I put them in the center of the worship space and then added my building keys when we began our worship service.

IMG_7087 IMG_7080

How is your life a reflection of the history that surrounds you?

My friends in the northeast – stay warm today!  It’s snowy outside!

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  1. I love reading your blog, and especially exploring the idea of altar design. I also like seeing what other young, female UCC clergy are up to. Thanks for sharing!

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