The Tale Of Four Lenten Altarscapes

I’m terrible at admitting this, but lately I have just been out straight.  Not enough time, not enough hours in the day, not enough room in my brain.  I mean – I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir, here!  So my altarscapes haven’t been all that elaborate throughout the Lenten season.  But I still tried!

Photo Mar 15, 3 24 10 PM

I bought this purple fabric at the beginning of the season and it was worth EVERY penny.  You’ll see.  I believe this was the first Sunday in Lent and my goal was to just reinforce the color purple.

Photo Mar 30, 9 00 05 AM

This was an altarscape that I actually put together before I went on vacation!  So I didn’t actually preach the texts I was using as inspiration (they had a music service that day).  The texts all had water themes (hence the pitcher and blue fabric) and the OT passage was from Exodus where Moses draws water from a rock (hence the rock).  I like that it’s not really symmetrical.

Photo Mar 30, 9 26 16 AM

I fixed this one about 30 minutes before church started the week I got back vacation, so not much changed!  I kept the flowers at the same height and switched out the rock for some glass illuminated by a candle.  My sermon that morning was A Faith That Opens Our Eyes.

I took a week off for communion.  There is something about having a very basic altar on Communion Sunday that I like.  It draws the attention to the table.

Photo Apr 13, 8 43 09 AM

So I did something a lot more elaborate for Palm Sunday last year, but … I don’t know … I kind of like this.  It was simple, incorporated the flowers and just had a royal feel to it.

That’s what my altars have been looking like!  What do you think?

One thought on “The Tale Of Four Lenten Altarscapes

  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful altar scapes! I am looking for inspiration for our display window in Hallway leading to Narthex. The 90 year old young lady is retiring from her position and I am considering taking on the role. You make it look easy! The Holy Spirit is definitely pulling in my heart!

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