The Tale Of Four Lenten Altarscapes

I’m terrible at admitting this, but lately I have just been out straight.  Not enough time, not enough hours in the day, not enough room in my brain.  I mean – I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir, here!  So my altarscapes haven’t been all that elaborate throughout the Lenten season.  But I still tried!

Photo Mar 15, 3 24 10 PM

I bought this purple fabric at the beginning of the season and it was worth EVERY penny.  You’ll see.  I believe this was the first Sunday in Lent and my goal was to just reinforce the color purple.

Photo Mar 30, 9 00 05 AM

This was an altarscape that I actually put together before I went on vacation!  So I didn’t actually preach the texts I was using as inspiration (they had a music service that day).  The texts all had water themes (hence the pitcher and blue fabric) and the OT passage was from Exodus where Moses draws water from a rock (hence the rock).  I like that it’s not really symmetrical.

Photo Mar 30, 9 26 16 AM

I fixed this one about 30 minutes before church started the week I got back vacation, so not much changed!  I kept the flowers at the same height and switched out the rock for some glass illuminated by a candle.  My sermon that morning was A Faith That Opens Our Eyes.

I took a week off for communion.  There is something about having a very basic altar on Communion Sunday that I like.  It draws the attention to the table.

Photo Apr 13, 8 43 09 AM

So I did something a lot more elaborate for Palm Sunday last year, but … I don’t know … I kind of like this.  It was simple, incorporated the flowers and just had a royal feel to it.

That’s what my altars have been looking like!  What do you think?

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