The Breath Of The Holy Spirit {Pentecost Altar Design}

We had a wonderfully visual Pentecost celebration this weekend at RCC!


Balloons are a confirmation tradition – it just makes things more festive. ūüôā

The altar:


I was inspired by this photo on Pinterest (I can’t get the embedding to work!) …

Picture 2

I think I was so inspired by this because of how the steps to the altar were used in the design.  If you have the three-dimensional space, you may as well utilize it, right?


For safety reasons I didn’t use as many candles as they did – and we actually did not light the big white candles until after the children went down to Sunday School.


In terms of fabric, I bought the red and gold specifically for this installation (4 yards of red and 2 yards of gold).  The white fabric I had on hand (probably 1.5-2 yards).

(For those of you beginning to collect supplies for altarscapes, this may be helpful.¬† I had some red fabric, but it wasn’t long enough – I tend to buy out of the remnant bin a lot, which means you’re only getting about 1 yard of fabric.¬† Remnants are great for most designs, but it is helpful to invest in longer bolts of fabric (4-5 yards) for bigger installations every now and then.)

This was a simple, simple, simple installation!  Let me know if you have any questions!

4 thoughts on “The Breath Of The Holy Spirit {Pentecost Altar Design}

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  2. I would like to do this for our church this Pentecost. Can you share more info about the material. What fabric store, the exact color of the material, type of material. Thank you for any info you can share.

    1. I’m actually not sure what type of material I used – I basically use whatever I can find in bulk! I look for materials that drape well (it hides imperfections). I would get at least 5 yards of each color so you have plenty to work with. Good luck! Blessings.

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