Strengthened By The Sacraments Of Grace

It’s been a long time since I just dug through my worship supplies closet and put together an altar …


I actually had a tough time figuring out what I wanted.  The scripture I was preaching on didn’t lend itself well to tell a story on the altar – and yet, it was Rally Day and I wanted to do something special!  In the end the focus was really the sacraments that strengthen us along our journeys through faith.  We had a baptism yesterday morning, so I ended up essentially building the altar around the baptismal font.  I took inspiration from here and here.


I was actually really pleased with how it all came together.  I used blue and white fabrics to bring in themes of water and Christ.  I replaced the brass candlesticks with the wooden ones, because I really wanted to draw attention to the cross.  I elevated the cross and the flowers because I thought it added depth to everything.

IMG_9487 IMG_9490

This was a rare and wonderful opportunity to display my chalice and paten sets on the altar!  The stands I bought at Marshall’s (I think they were $5 a piece?) and I actually use them to display the sets in my office – so that worked well!


The green scarf down the middle was my grandmothers.  I got a few of her scarves after she passed away two years ago.  A lot of them are too small for me to wear so I use them in worship.  It’s neat to be able to have a piece of her with my when I am leading worship. <3


I love how the colors in the flowers really pulled this altarscape together.  There is a longstanding tradition at RCC of having flowers on the altar every week – it’s neat to be able to integrate that time honored tradition with some of the new ideas I have for altar and worship design.

A friend of mine told me after church that I need an iron or steamer for my office and … looking at these pictures … she’s right.  Imperfection is the sign of grace, but wrinkles are the sign of fabrics that are not folded properly.


Have a great week everyone!

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