Stewardship Altar {Surprising Gifts}

I was looking through my photos yesterday and realized there are a TON of altars that I never shared on here!  I swear some days it’s a miracle I get my laundry done.


Throughout our stewardship campaign this year, we asked people to respond to the statement, “Why I Pledge.”  We got some great responses and I thought it would be nice visual to bring the sermon to life that Sunday.

IMG_0337 IMG_0338

The flowers were spectacular (I’m wondering if they were memorials? I can’t remember) and the green in the text boards really worked nicely with the flowers.

IMG_0339 IMG_0344 IMG_0346

I brought some of my office plants up into the sanctuary and surrounded the pulpit and lecturn with them.  A visual reminder of GROWTH!

IMG_0352 IMG_0353 IMG_0355

The deacons and I had a discussion about whether or not it was appropriate to put those statements up on the altar.  Would people be offended?  In the end, the majority said that they liked how it brought everything together – and how it celebrated giving in the church.  It’s not something I would do every year, but we are experiencing growth right now and I wanted to celebrate that tangibly in worship. 🙂

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