Star Sunday Star Installation

A few years ago, RCC jumped on the Star Word bandwagon.  If you are unfamiliar with it, essentially what happens is, on Epiphany, everyone receives a star with a word on it.  You blindly choose the star, so you do not get to pick your own word.  This word – your Star Word – is meant to guide your year.  Sometimes it is a word that seems fitting, sometimes it is a word that will challenge you and sometimes it is a word that might not make sense for you, but might also teach you a lot about yourself.  Here is my sermon the first year we did it.

Truth be told, I’m not really sure how the words, themselves, are chosen.  Some clergy choose their own words when they make the stars, but there are also several Star Word documents floating around online that people use.  When we started Star Words in 2017, a friend of mine graciously forwarded the document they used.  It has 120 stars with different words on them.  We print out two copies on card stock (we’ve done a different color every year so people can keep track of their stars) so we have 240 stars to hand out and then cut them out.

Last year one of my church members came to church after the New Year and she told me about something her home church in New Jersey had done for Christmas – they had suspended paper stars (using fishing line strung from the balcony).  She told me she immediately thought of me and told me we should try it one Christmas.  My first thought was – Star Sunday!  She emailed me some photos and this year I enlisted a few people to make it happen.  It was whimsical!

Photo Jan 02, 11 58 45 AM

Our pile of stars! We made 130 in different sizes following this tutorial.  Make sure you punch a hole in the stars before you start gluing them together!  It makes it so much easier to hang.

Photo Jan 05, 11 01 01 AM

Since we don’t have a wrap-around balcony (the church we got the idea from did and they just strung the fishing line from one side of the balcony to another) we strung them from the lights, instead.  Once we got those up, we strung more from the lights on the sides to the windowsills, so it looked like it filled the entire sanctuary.

Photo Jan 05, 11 41 09 AM

Photo Jan 05, 10 36 17 AM

Once we started to get them suspended from the ceiling, we used the rest to fill in the rest of the sanctuary – on the altar, in the windows, etc. They were everywhere!

Photo Jan 05, 11 41 09 AM

Photo Jan 05, 11 41 25 AMPhoto Jan 06, 8 08 54 AM  Photo Jan 06, 8 08 44 AM

The glass bowls on the altar had the star words in them.

The pictures didn’t even do it justice.  You just had to experience it!

It was so much fun to stand in the narthex and watch people walk into the sanctuary that Sunday!

DSC_9882 DSC_9885

One of my Deacons told me that as she was driving to church, she was kind of bummed because she knew the decorations would be down and the sanctuary would be empty and then she walked in and saw this!  It was definitely an amazing way to kick off the year.

Before we were even finished hanging them, we started talking about next year.  Do we want to do them again?  Yes!  We’ve got some ideas to bring in other kinds of stars.  We let people take the stars that were loose around the church so we will have to make some more next year, but making 50 or so won’t be as bad, considering we made 130 this year!

This was easy, it just required a little bit of help!  Get a group together and give it a shot at your church next year for Epiphany! ⭐️


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