Seeing It All Come Together

Betsy asked me if I would be willing to take a picture of me in my “water into wine stole” next to the altar so we could have a shot of how everything came together.  One embarrassing self-portrait session in the sanctuary later …


If my smile looks forced it is because I was balancing my $800 camera on top of three hymnals that were balancing on top of one of the church pews in order to get the shot and running back and forth between the unsteady camera and the altar using the timer.

Note to Sarah: Find your tripod.  And get a remote!

Isn’t it neat how the whole concept came together?

Someone mentioned to me that – in theory – I could wear this stole to a wedding because it isn’t just “turning water into wine” – it’s the Wedding at Cana.  I like that idea!  And it is on a white stole, which is a wedding color.  What a great idea!

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