Pentecost Altar 2016

So I always say that worship, programs, events, etc. at the church must be meaningful, relevant and accessible.  They are my go-to standards in ministry, ones I also try to hold myself to on this blog as well.

So do you know what is NOT relevant right now?  Pentecost.


And yet, I was going through my photos from Europe and realized that I took these photos of our huge Pentecost installation back in May and I never posted them on here!  So here we go – my apologies that this is not at all relevant.  Pin now, look in 2017!


Back in May, I was planning Pentecost (which coincided with Confirmation Sunday).  I was in the mood for something different, so I sent one of our deacons this text early in the week:

So I have a rare flower-less Sunday this week because our florist is away.  Any Pentecost ideas?  I’m thinking go big or go home.

She responded in less than a minute with a string of fabulous ideas …


… and this is what we came up with!


I would say I had about half the fabric on hand so I did have to buy some.  I love that stretchy polyester blend fabric that doesn’t wrinkle and just flows and I had them cut about 4-6 yards of each.  I wanted red to be the primary color, but since red can be a little bit harsh (especially when the shades clash) I also grabbed an orange and yellow so we could create the full “fire” effect.

IMG_6584 IMG_6585

I actually crawled up into the organ pipes to secure the fabric but this installation was actually pretty quick and easy.  It was definitely a two-person job and it was so fun to work with someone!  Honestly, a lot of times I put these altars together by myself, but I’ve realized a couple of times over the past few months that asking someone to help not only helps with the physical workload something, but spiritually, it is such an amazing shared practice.  Probably exactly what the Body of Chris is supposed to look like?

Okay, well since I’m so on top of things lately, stay tuned for a couple of weeks when I start sharing my thoughts on Easter liturgy – ha!

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