Like A Potter Molds His Clay

If you read my sermon this week you know that I preached on Jeremiah’s call story, when God said, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you.”  I used a lot of pottery imagery in my sermon, emphasizing God’s formation of US in our lives and in our ministry.

When I thought about an altarscape for this week I decided that I wanted to keep it simple, but I did want to highlight some of the beautiful pottery I have collected over the years.

IMG_7820 IMG_7822 IMG_7824 IMG_7825 IMG_7827 IMG_7829

All but one of the smaller pieces were actually locally made by artists that I know.  The larger piece that the green fabric is draped out of was from Savers.  I had everything stacked on hymnals under the fabric so the smaller pieces would all be at different heights.

This was a complete coincidence (and I had nothing to do with it!), but the flowers really worked well with this altarscape this week.  They were actually from a memorial service that was held at the church on Saturday, so I was so pleased with how the colors all came together.

As much as I love grabbing some new stuff specifically for an altarscape, I also love just digging around my office and using what I have.  It doesn’t have to be complicated!

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