Jesus’ Baptism Altarscape

The celebration of Jesus’s Baptism was one of the first altarscapes I ever put together on the altar!  I had dabbled in visual worship designs before, but always brought extra tables into the sanctuary so I didn’t put anything on the actual altar.  Jon’s photos on his blog inspired me to take something simple and turn it into something beautiful – utilizing the elements that are already there.  We have a floral delivery every week and there is a committee of people who take turns arranging them – I would never want to take that away from them!  But I’ve found over the years that there is room for everything. 🙂


We had a funeral at the church last Saturday, so there was a beautiful arrangement of flowers left for worship. Our flowers typically stand behind the cross – in a triangle arrangement that can be seen to the sides, but is not taller than the cross. This arrangement was in a basket and tall and skinny – which kind of made it hard to stand behind the cross (you couldn’t see the flowers if it was behind the cross and you couldn’t see the cross if they were in front!).


So I added some blocks to give the cross more height on the altar and just moved the cross and the flowers away from one another.  I try not to change too many of the elements at once, so keeping the cross at the tallest point helped me respect the traditions of the church while still incorporating new ideas.


I love how the white fabric adds such a stark contrast to the dark wood on the altar.  Many times – no matter what season I am in – I start with the white fabric just to help the altar really stand out.

The bowl and pitcher are from Target and the fabric were remnants I bought at JoAnn’s years ago!


I used some of my glass candlesticks instead of brass this week. I liked the three different heights!

How is it Friday already?  I am officially the worst blogger ever.  I keep promising to get on here more, but it never seems to happen!

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