Jesus’ Baptism Altar 2017

So I didn’t preach last week, which was, to be quite honest, really strange.  Usually if I’m not preaching, I am either away or there is something else going on requiring my attention.  Last week we were just hosting a neutral pulpit so I set up worship, like I normally do – but most of the actual worship leading came from our worship leader and the candidate preaching their neutral pulpit.  I robed, but I actually worshipped from the pews!  It was really nice.  But – that means no sermon this week.

So instead I decided to give you all some eye candy.  I finally uploaded the photos I took of the altar I put together for Jesus’ baptism a few weeks ago.  We were in between florists, so I had a rare flowerless Sunday and, I’m not going to lie, I loved it.


Jon always says not to mirror and to use uneven numbers of candles, which goes against everything our flower committee was taught by the matriarchs of the church, but it totally works here.


I really love the way the background of the white fabric works against the dark grains of the wood in our sanctuary. Unfortunately, this white fabric has seen better days! It has a lot of stains on it at this point.


The stones were decorative, but they were also functional. They were holding up the vase so it was tipping just enough to be “pouring” the water.  I’ll be honest – I was shocked it held up.


The only slight issue was the fact that the deacons were nervous about the acolytes lighting these candles, so they decided to light them before worship instead of having an acolyte bring the light in during the prelude. Our kids serve as acolytes, so I did see their point – I just need to keep that in mind next time.


I love that the lectionary starts the new year with Jesus’ baptism for so many reasons, but from a visual perspective, I love the stark contrast between the way the church is decorated for Advent and Christmas and this. it’s a great visual reminder that it’s time for a new year, fresh start and something different.

I have to look at the lectionary, but I’m not sure I’ll do another altar until Ash Wednesday.  Any ideas??

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