Go Light Your World

I was at a friend’s church bazaar on Saturday and picked this up for $3.

I need to epoxy or glue the cracks back together, but other than I may just clean it out, give it a nice shine and leave it as is.

I actually was able to use it sooner than I thought!  Our youth took part in their Homeless Awareness Weekend and during Sunday’s service we did a candle lighting while the choir sang “Go Light Your World” (a tradition).  The kids usually blow the candles out after the song is over, but I was thinking yesterday morning that it might be nice to keep them lit.

Lucky for me my husband did not raise his eyebrows or ask too many questions when I said to him on Sunday morning, “Any chance you could bring a big bucket full of sand to church?”

I was also lucky that the kids on the field (and the adults, for that matter) didn’t raise their eyebrows or ask too many questions when I asked them to bring one of their cardboard “homes” back to the church on Sunday morning. It was a great visual and also gave the younger kids a chance to crawl in and out of it during the children’s sermon and see (on a smaller scale) what it is like to “live” in a box.

I’m looking forward to using it in the future. Any ideas on how?

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