Cornucopia Altar 2014

I know that I am SO behind in posting these photos, but check out our Thanksgiving Cornucopia Altar!


Isn’t it gorgeous?



We have a Flower Committee at RCC and it is a group of dedicated, talented and creative women who worked behind the scenes year round.  Two women put this together every year using real fruit and gourds.

IMG_0381 IMG_0384

I really loved how the gold in the cross and the candlesticks worked with the rustic features of the natural elements.

IMG_0385 IMG_0386

I love Thanksgiving Sunday! The hymns are some of my favorite and I love the feeling of harvest in the air. We even order special bulletin covers that match the altar 🙂 it’s gorgeous to see it all come together!

One thought on “Cornucopia Altar 2014

  1. I am on the Flower Guild at my church. I am always searching for inspirations on the internet.

    This arrangement is very beautiful! I will try it for next year Thanksgiving, God’s willing.

    I searched for cornucopia this Thanksgiving, but found none. I used a basket install.

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