Confirmation Introduction Altar Design

One of the absolute joys of my job is teaching the Confirmation Class.  I love the age – 9th grade – and we have such exceptional kids every year.  This year our class is very small (we had 12 last year, but have four this year) and I am looking forward to adjusting my teaching style to the group!

At the end of every class we go into the sanctuary for worship.  I usually set up our altar stairs as a worship space and the confirmands and I sit on the ground.

This past Sunday was our first official class.  Our worship focused on bringing our group together and celebrating the journey we have ahead!

I brought a few elements into this space.

  • White fabric – we had been talking about liturgical seasons and colors earlier in the class and I talked about the fact that white is used to represent Christ and sacraments.  Because confirmation is an affirmation of baptism I wanted to have that white presence in our space.
  • White candles on mirrors – God’s light, brought into the worship space, reflected off of the mirrors into our lives and shining through us.
  • Empty bowl and four small pitchers – each pitcher had water in it, representing each of the confirmands’ baptisms.  During our worship the kids poured the water into the empty bowl – uniting them in sacrament and faith.
  • Red ribbon – because red symbolizes the Holy Spirit and is worn on Confirmation Sunday, I thought it was only appropriate to bring a piece of it into our worship space!
  • Four tea lights – one for each confirmand.  They lit them after they poured their water together.  God’s light shines through them!  Instead of putting the tea lights in holders I put them in sand in a wooden bowl.  The confirmands are individuals with individual light, but this process does bring them together!

I love creating spaces like this!  While I do love traditional worship, every now and then it is nice to do something a little bit different.

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