An Altar For Homeless Awareness Worship

I helped some of the pastors involved in Homeless Awareness Weekend plan this year’s Friday night service – what a wonderful experience it was!  I am so used to traditional worship in the RCC sanctuary that it was fun to work with other styles and spaces.  A HUGE shout-out to the youth praise band at Evangelical Covenant Church for leading worship.  The band was comprised of ALL youth.  ALL YOUTH.  No adults – and they sounded amazing!

I did a very simple installation for the service …

HAW Service Altar 1

Here were the pieces of this altarscape …

  • White fabric to represent Christ
  • Red fabric to represent the Holy Spirit
  • Pieces of broken glass to represent our brokenness
  • Sand to represent creation and the circle of our life here on earth
  • A candle shining through a canister representing the ways our lights shine through open spaces

HAW Service Altar 2

This was certainly an example of how you do not need a lot to create something visual and meaningful.  It doesn’t make or break a service (it would have been amazing regardless – the Spirit was moving!), but it does add a nice touch.


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