Hanging Of The Greens Prayer Of Thanksgiving & Dedication

Good afternoon!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We had a great time Trotting For Bella – I can’t wait to share some pics!

In the meantime, I’m at the church finalizing some Hanging Of The Greens details.  I decided to pre-write a Prayer of Thanksgiving & Dedication to say after the greens are hung.  I think I prayed extemporaneously last year and – in general – I try to avoid that in worship. 🙂 Feel free to use!

Photo Nov 30, 10 57 20 AM

Prayer of Thanksgiving & Dedication | Hanging Of The Greens
Sarah E. Weaver (C) 2013

God we give you great thanks
for this Advent season of waiting
that we have entered into.
For as a Resurrection People,
we know that at the end of this wait
lies Emmanuel –
God with us.
Bless these greens
that now adorn our sanctuary.
May they be for us
a bold reminder
of the story of Christ-child.

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