Bible Study Recap – 2 Corinthians 6 & 7

Another great week!  Here are my notes.  Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments!


2 Corinthians Bible Study Weekly Recap
October 7, 2014
Chapters 6 & 7


Being open to all vs. not being in relationship with non-believers

  • 13 & V. 14
  • Paul says that we need to be open to everyone, but then he says we should not be with non-believers
  • People are easily swayed – if your faith isn’t strong, being with a non-believer might cause you to slide
  • How does this apply today? Christ calls us to be out there with non-believer

Sense of urgency

  • 6:2b Look, now is the right time! Look, now is the day of salvation!
  • How different would we be if we thought Jesus was coming this weekend?
  • Would we all be on our best behavior if we felt this same sense of urgency? More forgiving?

Trusting Paul

  • The Corinthians didn’t have a reason to trust Paul
  • 6:11-12 – Paul is saying that his heart is wide open and asking them to do the same

Paul’s suffering

  • 3-10
  • Paul wants them to know that this is not an easy job for him – he is suffering and he is working hard for them
  • This shows us just how deeply Paul cared for this mission


  • There is so much to pray for – where do you even begin?


There’s a very different feel to this chapter

Letter of tears

  • 8-11
  • Reference to the letter that Paul wrote that hurt the Corinthians that we don’t have access to
  • Even though the letter hurt the Corinthians, it is clear here that is caused them to change
  • Paul did initially regret the letter, but once the Corinthians started to change, he realized that what he had done was right and didn’t regret it as much
  • Paul didn’t regret that he wrote the letter, he regrets that he had to write the letter
  • Paul regards this congregation as his children and he felt like it was completely necessary
  • Can we relate to this?
    • Disciplining children

Godly Sorrow vs. Worldly Sorrow

  • 8-11
  • Godly Sorrow – sorrow for our sins
  • Worldly Sorrow – sorrow for the effect of our sins

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