2 Corinthians Bible Study {Week 1}

My Tuesday morning bible study has started again!  We are studying 2 Corinthians this session.  Here are my notes!  Please feel free to add to the discussion in the comments section.


2 Corinthians Bible Study Weekly Recap
September 16, 2014
Chapters 1 & 2


2 Corinthians

Making sure the collection was being taken
Reconciling the message that they are getting from different people
Paul was defending his ministry




Pushing that God is first and we need to put God first

  • Putting God first doesn’t mean that everything else is less important, it means that you are grounding yourself in faith so that you are strong in your life and in your relationships
  • God has to be the “right” size in your life


Paul really is developing a sense of community

  • Your comfort is my comfort, your troubles are my troubles


Paul’s use of “comfort”

  • They had been through hardships – comfort was on his mind
  • We receive comfort through God and through our community
  • Why the prayer shawl is so powerful – a tangible reminder of God’s comfort to us


The “troubles” Paul talks about

  • Paul’s troubles
  • When you share your troubles with others and when they share their troubles with you, you realize that you are not alone
  • A burden is lifted when you share your troubles with others because you feel like someone else can help you carry them


The Power of Prayer

  • There is something about prayer that is effective
  • The power of prayer is a mystery, but we know that it is there
  • Prayer is the most powerful energy


Paul’s references to God “rescuing” – what do we need to be rescued from?

  • The NIV translates “rescue” as “deliver”
  • Language à rescue vs. deliver


Verse 11 – how can we thank God for what he has done?




Living out God’s plan, not human plans

  • 1:21 à Christianity isn’t a decision that we make, our relationship with Christ is one that God puts within us
  • 1:22 à God put the Spirit in us as a deposit / down payment à God invests in us
  • If we falter, we can always go back to God and that investment is always there
  • We are not alone
  • God is invested in us – we need to accept it (v. 20 – Amen! So be it!) and then invest in God


How do we make decisions based on divine processes and not human processes?

  • We have to “let go and let God”


What does it mean to live out our whole faith in God?

  • Physical therapy vs. Spiritual therapy
  • Often times when we are doing physical therapy, we stop doing it when we feel better – the same is with prayer.


How do you want to be pushed in your faith?

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